Bruce Downey can teach you the unwritten rules of the education system. He will help you navigate the employment sector. He’s your guide by the side as you begin your journey.

Are You:

  • Graduating from high school within the next four years
  • Completing your post-secondary education
  • An adult considering post-secondary
  • Facing unemployment
  • Thinking about apprenticeships
  • Thinking about a career change
  • Entering the job market
  • Considering work in the trades
  • The parent of a student considered at-risk
  • The parent of a child as young as 7th grade
  • An LGBTQ2S youth or adult
  • Indigenous
  • Labelled as being gifted
  • Looking for chances to travel through work or study
  • Looking for a mentor
  • An adult looking for a career change, or facing unemployment?

Bruce Downey is a highly experienced guidance counselor. He can help you work out a personalized education and career plan, so you can face the future with confidence in your choices. Contact Bruce today for an appointment, or learn more about career and education planning first.

Do You Have Questions About:

  • High school courses or levels
  • Co-op, internships, job shadowing
  • High school co-op placements
  • College or University
  • What are future labour trends
  • Volunteering
  • Your career path
  • Student leadership experiences
  • The benefits of college vs. university
  • Scholarships, bursaries, grants and student loans
  • Internships
  • What post-secondary courses to take
  • What to do after grade 12?

Learn more about career and education planning here.


Bruce Consults with community Groups and Private Companies:

If your organization is looking to connect with a local business with similar values, or you own a business and would like to partner with an NGO or charitable organization, contact Bruce today. He can help you find partnerships that will be a good fit. Learn more about Bruce’s consulting services for businesses and community organizations.