Set up an appointment for a consultation, and Bruce can help you find services and programs that are the right fit for you. Work with Bruce in a supportive, inclusive environment. Explore your own needs, skills, and strengths, and get help setting up a plan that works for you.

Note: Bruce is available through Skype for your convenience.


What you Can Expect:

1st Meeting – An Initial Career and Education Planning Interview:

You (and anyone you wish to bring along) will sit down with Bruce. You’ll talk about your dreams, your short-term goals, and your long-term goals for your life. You’ll talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Bruce will get a sense of who you are and will give you some tools and quizzes. This will help him understand you and your needs.

2nd Meeting – Your Personal, Detailed Career and Education Plan:

Sometimes this takes a few extra meetings, but usually by the end of the 2nd meeting, you’ll have a plan. Bruce will give you small, simple goals that use your strengths. Then, he’ll walk you through small and realistic steps to get you where you want to be.

Bruce believes that you need to work with your end result in mind – you’ll decide what you want to do, and he’ll tell you how to get there. He knows which labour sectors will be growing in the future. Also, he can tell you the unwritten rules of colleges and universities, and how to get financial help on the way. He knows about the trades, volunteering, the appropriate work placements, apprenticeships, and whether to choose college or university.

You’ll leave with a Plan A, but also Plan B, C, D, and E, and the support you need to make it happen. What’s more important than your future?


Why Do You Need Bruce?

  • Bruce works hard to stay current, and he understands what jobs will be hiring in the future
  • He has access to the latest tools to help you explore careers and jobs
  • He can help you avoid expensive mistakes, by choosing the right college or university – if they’re right for you
  • Bruce knows about the benefits of apprenticeships and trade jobs, if you like working with your hands
  • He believes you deserve to dream, and direct your own future
  • Bruce can help set up volunteering jobs, co-op placements, or internships —  to help you find out what kind of work you enjoy and are good at
  • He can help you explore career or school choices you might not have thought of
  • He knows that sometimes you just need a “guide by the side” to help you make your way

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